Simi Valley High Performing Arts Center


Simi Valley, CA


Simi Valley Unified School District

Project Description

Sq Ft: 21,000

The Simi Valley Unified School District desired to have a world-class performing arts center that became the flagship project for their bond program. This facility is a state of the art fully equipped performing arts center with the capacity to display over 26 unique automated scene backdrops and seating capacity for 450 attendees. With its impressive architecture, the completion of this facility materially enhanced the local community by bringing a professional platform for performing arts to Simi Valley and providing the Santa Susana High School with a renown theater arts program.

Elements specific to the project

Worked within the live operating environment of a High School Campus.

Successfully build with respect of and completed work within the DSA’s (Department of State Architecture) rules and regulations.

State of the art Performing Arts Center 450 seats, architecturally noteworthy project that was the flagship project of the Simi Valley Unified Bond Program.

Successfully helped the owner to keep the cost changes of the project to a minimum and well below industry standards.