El Carrillo Housing


Santa Barbara Housing Corporation

Project Description

Sq Ft: 45,000

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara’s ongoing mission is to provide quality affordable housing. This project was designed to serve a segment of the city’s population that requires assistance to rebound productively back into society. This was accomplished successfully by the nationally recognized 61-unit Efficiency Housing development. The El Carillo Efficiency Housing Project features attractive architecture combined with multiple site support services.

McGillivray Construction (MCG) was able to successfully mitigate the challenges of constructing this 3-story facility with podium deck parking. What made this project challenging was that the job site was surrounded on 3 sides by structures within close proximity to the property line and the street, resulting in no space for staging or laydown. This project was a LIHTC project and required construction to be completed within a very aggressive time frame. McGillivray was not only able to meet the contract completion date but delivered the project one month early – and received an early completion bonus.McGillivray Construction successfully helped the owner to keep the cost changes of the project to a minimum and well below industry standards.

The project received several awards for construction and architecture.

The project received several awards for construction and architecture.