Canada Block Redevelopment


236, 226, 214 Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA


Ron Polito 

Project Description

Sq Ft: 26,000
Developer: Real Estate Development Company

Ojai, California is the home for this beautifully designed and constructed retail complex. With an emphasis on building to match the local the architecture, this California-Spanish styled building offers shoppers the convenience of 15 stores surrounded by fountains, and lush Mediterranean landscape amenities.

  • Completed a city block of work within a 9 month time frame and minimum interruption to city traffic. Received recognition from city council for exemplary work.
  • McGillivray Construction met the owner’s needs to complete work inside an aggressive time schedule so businesses could be relocated to the new facility.
  • Successfully helped the owner to keep the cost changes of the project to a minimum and well below industry standards.
  • Project received several awards for construction and architecture.