700 Linden Ave. Carpinteria – Bid Due 3/22/22



 Construction of Buildings A, B, and C were built in three phases along Linden and Eighth Streets.  Buildings A and C have always been retail, while Building B has generally been an office use through their histories.  We refer to Buildings A/B/C as a single structure called the ‘Butterfly Building’.

There are (4) separate drawing sets for this project, dated 26 January, 2022:

  • Off-site Improvements – 11 Sheets
  • On-Site Improvements – 36 Sheets
  • Hardware-Butler Building – 90 Sheets
  • Butterfly Building – 117 Sheets
  • In addition, there is a full specifications book.


This is NOT a prevailing wage or OSHPD project

Insurance: Bidders shall provide the following insurance minimums: commercial general liability insurance products, completed operations, waiver of subrogation, protective coverage with non-owned & hired vehicles. $2 million each occurrence. Additional insured and hold harmless per endorsement CG 2010 Form 1185 or equivalent, comprehensive automobile liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance, including waiver of subrogation, for at least $1 mil each occurrence.  The insurance requirements set forth hereinabove shall also apply to any sub-tier contractors.   

Bonding: Performance and labor bonding may be required.  If required, the cost, of bond, will be added to your proposal.

BID DATE:  March 22, 2022

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: No addendum has been issued at this time.


NOTE: Plans and Specs can be viewed in our office Plan Room at 3140 Loma Vista Road, Ventura, CA. 93003